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TimeLOG–Time & Attendance Management System

  • Automatic lunch deduction
  • Data collection at clock in/out
  • Punch rounding (in/out)
  • Electronic data transfer
  • Hierarchy Reporting
  • Overtime calculations
  • Flexible reporting features
  • Manual Entry for discrepancy
  • Employee scheduling

The Time and Attendance Management Software automates the capturing of data relating to employee attendance and hours worked. Wage of workers will be calculated and paid each month on the basis of information generated by the time & attendance management system. The system is web based, which means authorized users may access the system using a normal internet browser.

Employee Management
Employee Management
  • Company Creation
  • Employee Creation
  • Shift
  • Duty/Shift Assignment
TDC (Time Data Collector)
TDC(Time Data Collector)
  • Collect Data from Terminals
  • Schedule Download
Time Management
Time Management
  • Time data Process
  • Manual Entry
  • Different Types of Time Reports
  • Export to Many formats
Time and Attendance Management System